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Guldjian & Fasel City Accident Attorneys consists of a group of formidable and excellent advocates who are dedicated to fight for their clients’ rights. Our attorneys at Guldjian & Fasel City Accident Attorneys are not only firm advocates for our clients but advocates of justice. Each and every one of our attorneys’ mission is to accomplish what our clients deserve and to obtain a just and fair adjudication of their rights. We believe that the best possible scenario should be the vision for each case and ready for implementation at every step of the way.

What shapes our team of attorneys at Guldjian & Fasel Accident Attorneys is a sentiment of diversity. What defines us are the unique differences inherent in each and every one of our team members. What sets us apart from the rest is our like-minded goal of fighting for the rights of our clients until justice is served. Our attorneys do not give up. Our attorneys do not settle for measly settlement offers. Each and every one of our strong-minded attorneys is prepared, ready, and eager to take a case to trial if that is what is just and fair. Our attorneys are strong. They are passionate. They care.

To help our attorneys achieve their goals on behalf of their valued clients, our attorneys are adorned by a powerful support team of case administrators, investigators, and secretarial staff. While our attorneys have a strong vision directed at achieving victorious outcomes for our clients, our attorneys recognize that details matter. When it comes to detail-oriented perfectionism, our attorneys count on a strong support staff to help us achieve justice for our clients.

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Our History

Since 2002, the personal injury attorneys of City Injury Law have been the best auto accident lawyers in Southern California. Since being established as a premier car accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident and bicycle accident attorneys, City Injury Law has won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. City Injury Law began as a small personally injury law firm in Orange County but due to its focus on making sure its Clients received the best medical care and on winning cases, City Injury Law has grown rapidly, opening offices in all across Orange County, CA. Today, City Injury Law has a large staff of paralegals and attorneys that work tirelessly to make sure each and every Client wins their case. City Injury Law is always striving to be the best personal injury law firm in City, California.